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About the artist

Synergic is a Darkpsy/Experimental/Hi-Tech project, and there is a second one which goes into Psydub/Bass, who creates awesome mixtures with basses from the depth and a space where every tone gives you the possibility for entering and dancing into your inner world. Two directions who could not be more different. As it is the inner version of ourself so we can fall into a guidance for transforming the subconsciousness into consciousness. Who knows about the light in all of us. There is something deep, we all have to discover, for this world, to become a better version. There is something special and it is our path. Where we learn, about our visions, our vibration we all carry inside. Music is the way, with we get triggered. Sound allows us to feel, to see who and where we truly are, and where we want to go. A moment where all can happen. While listening we can dream, in every direction, we can fall in our depths. And see where we have to heal, where we have the ability to transform. If we heal ourself, we heal the world. My music will show you yourself, that you can trust the wave you come on, and it will give you the possibility to transform. A safe space where all the magic happens, inside us, around us. We are all here to create something new, to create something special in this realm. There is no fear necessary, we are all masters of our mind. Let’s take the sound, the vibration that we all are, and use it for discovery, renewing as it has to be. Let’s live our fullest potential, with all our presents for this world, just by looking inside, and feeling what is no longer meant to be. That’s it. That’s what my music should do. Giving you the space for healing, for being and finding your truly you.



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